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1. David Naworski is a registered investment advisor who may only conduct business in the states of Texas and Colorado or where he may claim an exemption or exclusion. Access to this website is neither an offer nor a solicitation of investment advice in those states or jurisdictions where an applicable exemption or exclusion cannot be claimed.

2. None of the investments I purchased for clients are insured by the F.D.I.C. or any other United States governmental agency.

3. This website is not intended to give investment advice. Its purpose is to provide general information about the investment advisory services of Naworski Investments and David Naworski, Registered Investment Advisor.

4. Each of the performance figures for the clients of Naworski Investments and the indexes referenced include the reinvestment of dividends, money market dividends or other earnings derived from the stock or mutual fund holdings.

5. There is no guarantee that the past performance will be achieved in the future. All investments in stocks, mutual funds and bonds involve the risk that the investment may decline in value permanently. As with all investments, there is always a potential for loss.